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First aid kits are generally kits containing a set of bandages and medicines for providing first aid in emergency situations. First aid kits are essential in our routine daily life as there are greater chances for accidents to occur when people least expect them. It is always advisable to stock first aid kits at home, school, office and also in cars, so that anyone can be equipped to face any circumstance that requires urgent care.

To be prepared for emergencies, keep a first aid kit in your home and in your car!

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Deluxe Personal Safety Emergency Pack
This pack contains a wide array of essential items that employees can use during a catastrophic event such as a natural disaster. (2) Exam-Quality Vinyl Gloves (5) Adhesive Plastic Bandage, 3/4" x 3"...
$27.08 $22.95
Pediatric Airway Pac is an easy to carry, durable medium sized bag with ample storage. This bag features seven (7) removable, color coordinated zippered pouches (Kelly Green, Orange, Purple, Red...
$126.00 $118.00
Pool & Lifeguard First Aid Kit - 16 Unit Metal Case
This 100-piece, 16-unit pool and lifeguard first aid kit has everything you'll need around the pool. Use the products in this kit for insect bites, minor cuts and eye irritations. In addition, our...
$59.95 $55.00
150 Person / 4 Shelf Industrial First Aid Station with Pocket Liner / Wall Mountable
4 Shelf Industrial First Aid Station This 1058pc industrial first aid station meets or exceeds OSHA recommendations. It is designed for businesses, offices and work sites. Serves up to 150 person +...
$269.04 $228.00
Deluxe Burn Emergency Responder Pack
This 23-piece pack is a larger version of the RC-648, providing a larger quantity of essential supplies to treat and protect a burn injury. (2) Exam Quality Vinyl Gloves, 1 pair (2) Trauma Pads, 5"x9"...
$23.01 $19.50
50 Person OSHA First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogen Personal Protection Kit in One
50 Person OSHA First Aid Kit with Bloodborne Pathogen Personal Protection Kit in one. This all in one emergency kit comes with everything that is needed in case of unexpected emergencies. Emergencies...
$82.54 $69.95
EMS Medical Field Kit Bag is made of extremely durable nylon and comes with four pockets to hold everything you need in which three of them zipper close. This waist pack is extremely durable and is...
$33.04 $28.00
50 Per Box, Povidone Iodine Swabsticks 1's
Our Povidone Iodine Prep Solution is perfect for abrasions and minor burns. Includes 10% Povidone Iodine, U.S.P. equal to 1% available Iodine. Protects against the infection of wounds and spread of...
$15.80 $9.95
303 Piece All Purpose Soft Side First Aid Kit
Our All Purpose Soft Sided First Aid Kit meets all the correct ANSI 2009 specifications. Designed with an Easy Access Pocket System that makes opening and searching for items much faster and easier...
$26.96 $22.85
61 piece / Medium size First Aid Kit Hard Box
There is 61 pieces All-In-One Consumer First Aid Kit. It has everything what you need for basic injury. References/Instruments/Misc: 1 - Medium Plastic box 1 - Accident report form/first aid guide...
$17.83 $8.75
101 Piece All Purpose Soft Side First Aid Kit
Our All Purpose Soft Sided First Aid Kit meets all the correct ANSI 2009 specifications. Designed with an Easy Access Pocket System that makes opening and searching for items much faster and easier...
$16.23 $13.75
SPORT - First Aid Kit
This 77 piece Sport first aid kit was developed specifically for sports activities such as: baseball, badminton, basketball, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, bowling, field hockey, football, golf...
$28.95 $25.95
299 piece / Extra Large All Purpose Softpack First Aid Kit
Large Soft Sided 299 piece First Aid Kit contains all of the supply that will help you be more prepared for unexpected emergencies. Be ready for all potential emergencies. References/Instruments/Misc...
200 piece / Medium All Purpose Softsided First Aid Kit
All Purpose Softsided First Aid Kit - 200 Piece Medium. Be Prepare for all emergency situations in the car, at home, outdoors or on the water. Supplies are easy to find in patent pending, clear pocket...
Eye wash, screw top, 32 oz.
Altaire eye wash helps flush loose foreign material or chemicals from the eye. It helps relieve eye irritation, burning, itching, and stinging by removing chlorinated water or air polluntants such as...
$17.50 $13.50
52 Piece Hard Sided All Purpose First Aid Kit
This all purpose first aid kit provides all the essential items needed when emergencies are faced in front of you. With critical supplies not found in your average day-to-day first aid kit, our 52...
$8.56 $7.25
Our Universal Hard Case Burn Kit allows you to be prepared for any burn emergency with a Burn Kit that offers the most popular combination of Burn Dressings and Burn Jel for large or minor burns. SKU...
$82.48 $69.90
200 piece First Aid Essentials Kit (Plastic Box)
200 piece All Purpose First Aid Kit perfect for the home, auto, sports. The best selling kit features new compartmental organizers that keep your supplies readily at hand. Brand New kit is developed...
Professional Emergency Kit / 272 Piece
This all-inclusive kit contains all of the first aid supplies you need when providing immediate treatment in case of a medical emergency. This portable kit includes a complete array of carefully...
$179.99 $165.00
Standard Business Cabinet, Plastic / with out oral Medications
This fully stocked Wall Mountable First Aid Cabinet is very easy to install, it meets all of the requirements established by OSHA and ANSI, also meets Federal and State Regulatory Compliance. EzRefill...
$129.86 $109.75

Things To Put In A First Aid Kit

Those who must plan ahead for emergencies need to do far more than just list the things to put in a First Aid Kit. At the time of an emergency, even the best-equipped First Aid Kit fails to help the person who lacks a basic understanding of first aid care. A kit with the makings of a tourniquet can not suddenly provide those at the scene of an emergency with an appreciation of the need for actions with one purpose - stem the flow of blood. Efforts should be made to acquaint as many people as possible with any necessary techniques, techniques for handling each of the items in a First Aid Kit.

Before anyone decides to list the things to put in a First Aid Kit, and before they proceed to purchase the items on that list, they need to give thought to the type of container that can best hold all the items that belong in the First Aid Kit. No collection of things to put in a First Aid Kit should move forward, until those collecting the necessary items know for sure where those items will be stored.

A First Aid Kit should go in a sturdy container. A fishing tackle-type box is definitely sturdy. A box that once held small, battlefield supplies shows an equal ability to maintain its shape, even when subjected to pressure. Both types of boxes could serve effectively as containers for the items in a First Aid Kit.

By amassing all the things to put in a First Aid Kit, one can create a rather weighty collection. For that reason, those items should be stored in a light container, preferably a container with a handle. That same container should be fairly easy-to-open, allowing those who must handle an emergency to access all the necessary First Aid items.

Do not think that all the things to put in a First Aid Kit make-up a collection that should fit well in a small container. A container for holding First Aid supplies should have plenty of space. Consider purchasing the sort of container that is used to carry art supplies. Regardless of what type of container one decides to use, one should make plans to label that container.

In an emergency, maybe you will not be able to look for your First Aid kit. In an emergency, you might need to send someone else to retrieve that Kit. By putting a label on your First Aid Kit, you aid the identification of that Kit. Have your name, your address and phone number clearly visible on a label that has been attached to the inside of the First Aid Kit. Make sure too that the phone number for your own physician has been taped to the inside of the First Aid Kit.

There is one item that you should feel ready to leave-out of your First Aid Kit. That is Ipecac syrup. Mounting evidence indicates that such syrup can not help a child who has swallowed a poison. If a parent realizes that his or her child did swallow a poison, then that parent should call either Poison Control: (800) 222-1222 or the Emergency number: 911.

When possible, the parent should act to prevent such an emergency. Both poisons and First Aid kits ought to be stored in a spot that always remains far from any prying and tiny hands.

Some Important Facts on Kids First Aid Training

To keep your child safe in a safer way is your main concern. So learn how to protect your child inside the house and out. Be sure on what to do in an emergency and how to stock a first-aid kit and apparently where to call for help during the time of emergency and much more. First Aid tends to be the quick and correct help given when anyone gets unwell or injure. Every so often, things take place when no one who knows how to help is around. So it is very vital that you have a basic First Aid skills used until medical help arrives.

There are some important points to be worth noting when terms of emergency are used. If you are a kid you are sure to have training on the first aid. Here are some of the training tips that you could follow when you are pushed to face an emergency without your elders around you. If you have your little friend or a brother or a sister feels nauseous or complain of a belly pain, then shouldn't give them anything to eat or drink. Instead always, put an ice pack on the area that hurts and call an adult, and try to stay away calm. Another form of emergency may be the minor burns. Then run those minor burns under cold water immediately. It will help the sufferer to reduce his pain. If the burn happens to appear in a large area and blisters, call for help.

If your clothes or any other person's cloths catches on fire, do not run away, just stop, drop, and roll until the flames go out and sure to call the ambulance to take them to the hospital.

If the emergency is with some minor cuts then just wash out minor cuts with soap and water, than covering the wound with a bandage. But in case if you have a deep cut, then cover it with a clean cloth, press down on the cut and keep the pressure steady until the bleeding stops. If it doesn't stop call out to a near by hospital.

If you find someone faint, put a pillow under his/her legs to bump up them. Tilt head of the victim to a side, and do not try to put cold compresses on the forehead.

If you have a nose bleed, sit down and bend frontward to keep the blood from moving down towards your throat. Take a clean cloth or a handkerchief and place it over the bridge of your nose. Grasp tightly on both sides of the soft section of your nose for 10 minutes. Keep the stress stable.

If someone is out of breath and trying to gasp for breath, try to cool them. If they are bitter, and can't answer you, perform the Heimlich maneuver as following, stand at the back of the person and wrap up your arms around his/her waist with one hand made into a fist. The thumb of your fisted hand should respite against the victim's abdomen well above the navel and just below the breastbone. Clutch that fist with your other hand and press with one growing push. Repeat shoves if necessary. What if someone is hit on the head and is unconscious, be sure that you never move the head or neck and wait for emergency help to arrive.

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